• Charity event
  • Fewer hours
  • Community enrichment
  • Include Specialty Drinks
  • Monday all day
  • Etc

We are open to negotiation depending on your situation. Please contact us.

When reserving, please include the following information:
How many microphones do you want to use?
How many and what instruments do you want to use? (drums & keyboard are available for rent)
How many seats and tables do you want to use? What setup? (Theater or Cafe style)

Please note: We do not serve alcohol. No smoking allowed. Please avoid any explicit lyrics or those condoning immoral or criminal behavior, hate, etc.

Equipment available:
Drums (description to come) – ¥4,000
Keyboard (Nord Stage) – ¥4,000
Bass Amp (not available yet) – ¥2,000
2 wireless mics
6 wired mics (Shure & Sennheiser)

For more information, contact us by e-mail